Sue is a practising teacher who has always had a deep and abiding interest in all things Spiritual.

She understands Spirit to be the loving intelligence that formed our universe and us. It is contained within every cell of our being and is the ‘glue’ that unites us all.

From her late teens, Sue was led on a journey of self-discovery through the metaphysical sciences, astrology, palmistry and numerology.

Loving people and being the passionate teacher, she always worked at assisting others to accept and love themselves through her individual and group readings, staff presentations throughout Sydney schools and private courses.
Throughout the years, it was always the pictures, words and numbers that were ‘impressed’ in her mind when she was talking to children or adults that fascinated her. Here, Sue was blessed to have the guidance of an extraordinary and gifted Australian medium, Margaret Dent.

In 1995, Sue travelled to Seattle, to participate in a Native American Vision Quest, led by international lecturer, healer and author, Denise Linn. This was a turning point as Sue fully embraced her vision of being a channel for Spirit.

Sue enjoys reading for her word-of-mouth clients as well as being the only Sydney based clairvoyant on redballoondays since its inception 10 years ago.
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